How To Keep The Little One Happy

How To Keep The Little One Happy

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Life is really tough for parents, especially mothers who spend most of their time with their little one. It is hard to predict the reason as to why the child is being cranky. However, there are couple of things which one could do to make sure they stay less cranky. Some of the tips have been mentioned below.

Try to understand the little one

This is easier said than done, especially for new mums. However, ones who have experience which means they have 2 or more kids are more likely to know their baby’s moods. They would know the reason as to why he/she is being cranky. It could be either he or she is sleepy, hungry or has some issue such as stomach ache. However, as child grows they become very open with their emotions, they smile when they see a funny face and cry when they see something scary. One needs to monitor what makes their child stop crying. It varies from child to child, some prefer having more toys other just need sleep.

Make their routines fun

A new born or even a toddler would have their own set routine. They have their specific time where they need their sleep, food or just play. It would make them easier to handle during these activities if their routine is made more fun. For example on the days of shower it is nice if the parents have arranged few baby bath toys. This would keep them occupied throughout the shower and make them less cranky.

Spend some time with them

This could be difficult especially if the parents are working. One could always take turns to be with the baby. However, if this isn’t possible then they should train the care taker or the nanny to play with the child. As the floor could be dusty place to let them play, one could buy baby play mats online. This ensures that the space is clean and the child can happily crawl on it without having the fear of them falling sick.

Understand their likes and dislikes

This too is difficult due to their several mood swings. They might approve of a dish when they are in a happy mood and giggling whereas on bad day days make a fuss about eating. It is important for parents to identify which food is preferred by their child. This is because the child will eat all of it without staying hungry which is another factor of crankiness. Some prefer playing with their rattles while eating others would prefer being on walker. It is important for the parent to know which one works best for their child. If one considers the above factors, they are likely to have a less cranky child.

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